OK then, a short post about results…

This year I managed to average 63%!  Yeah - bet ya never thought I’d do that did ya?!

So I’m fairly happy with that, it brings my average up to 59 which means I can smack out a 2:1 next year (I need 87.5 for a 1st!).  The results were of course not without certain elements of strangeness!

I got 66 for SWEng (as did Dom), I think they preferred Flick! so well done
I got 70 for ADS which I’m sure is more than a B-
I got 58 for media ECAD and I didn’t even start the last tutorial!

All very odd.  Anyway, let us know what you got guys, I’m interested!

iPhone 3G and the now infamous(!) Michael Slater!

So I had a family meal in London this Saturday.  The iPhone 3G was being released on Friday and Aly has a room in London.  Should I go down early see Aly and queue all night outside the Regent Street Apple store?  Yes, yes I should.  So I did!
I arrived in London Thursday afternoon and […]

The Edinburgh Fringe and TONY! The Blair Musical

For the past month I’ve been in Edinburgh performing at the fringe as Gordon Brown (yup, he’s the Prime Minister!) in TONY! The Blair Musical.  It’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, soooo good.  Dave came to watch it and I think he quite liked it which is always a good […]

Unlocking an iPhone (or 2!)

So I purchased an iPhone while I was in America… (thoughts like “oh Michael, you have too much money” can go straight out of the window because trust me, I don’t! Oh that reminds me, I wonder if I applied for my studet loan :-s). Anyway, because At&t are in cahoots with Apple […]

I’m tired

I got in from the studio at some ridiculous time in the evening (11:30 ish?) and sat down to work on my multitrack… now it’s light… that is not good!
I still have all 3 reports to do for tomorrow and my multitrack isn’t exactly what it could be… ARGH! Why the hell am I […]

The Michael holiday update…

Hope you’re all alright and that you had a good Christmas and an even better New Year. I enjoyed both and now Aly is here WOOOWOOO!
Okay, time to fill you in… I have done nothing to do with the course, actually nothing! I think it’s time to start. I’m sat on the sofa watching […]

The end… Finally!

Interesting post… read on!
As I sit here in the MOST interesting lecture of all time I can’t help but wonder where the last 10 weeks of my life have gone. No, it’s not that I have actually forgotten due to my severe liver damage session last night, it’s because I honestly don’t think […]

Hello Electronics!

In the hope that this blog will eventually become at least slightly interesting I will tell you the following (slightly) interesting fact: The Quicktime video format (video is a strong word!) supports JavaScript. Some clever soul has managed to embed a virus into a seamingly harmless video using said JavaScript… not entirely sure […]